Unicorns are legendary creatures that resemble a horse, but have something that no horse ever did: A beautiful magical horn.

Often spotted leaping over rainbows, filling space with glitter and flying through stars, the unicorn is a mysterious creature that seems just realistic enough to be possible. And kids? Kids love them.

Here for young artists is a collection of lessons that show how to draw a unicorn, step-by-step.

How To Draw A Unicorn Head

how to draw a unicorn head
Credit: Hesham Shehata

Some unicorn heads are drawn from the side, others from the front. In this lesson you will be drawing a unicorn head from the side with a long flowing mane: How To Draw A Unicorn Head  


How To Draw A Unicorn Face

how to draw a unicorn face

This unicorn face is drawn with very simple lines and then details that make them special. You’ll be working with hair, eyes or eyelashes, nostrils, and if you want, a mouth: How To Draw A Unicorn Face.

How To Draw A Unicorn Standing

how to draw a unicorn standing


In this tutorial you’ll draw a unicorn standing, but also striking a pose. The unicorn could be looking shy, or just looking back: How To Draw A Beautiful Unicorn.

How To Draw A Unicorn Rearing Up

how to draw a unicorn prancing

Unicorns are lively creatures from what we’ve heard, so you may want to draw your unicorn in motion. In this lesson you’ll draw a unicorn that could be prancing, dancing, or just rearing up on its hind legs: How To Draw Unicorn Step-By-Step.


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