Anti-Bullying Coloring Pages

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The topic of bullying has received a lot of recent attention in the media, in schools, and in discussions surrounding children’s mental health.

According to recent statistics, 21% of teens experience bullying, with 19% experiencing bullying on school property over the previous year.

While bullying has always been around, today the problem is escalating due to children’s hyper-connectivity through social media, email and text messaging.  While children in their parent’s generation could at least go home to escape bullying for a little while, today’s children can potentially be exposed to it all the time,  and everywhere they go.

The rise in cyber-bullying and bullying in general has been implicated in numerous mental health problems in children and teens, including depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicidal ideation. Being bullied can also lead to lower grades in school, feelings of shame, isolation, changes in eating and sleep patterns, truancy, higher rates of illness, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse.

The following anti-bullying coloring pages, adapted from the excellent learning material at, can help you address this important topic with your children or students. There are multiple ways you can use this resource. If you have specific children or students who are being bullied, you can use these pages to help them work through the issue, giving them the tools they need to overcome bullying.

For students of all ages, the pages and accompanying lesson hints can be incorporated into existing lesson plans on inclusion, bullying or kindness. There are even ideas to use in language arts, health and civics lessons.

If you are a parent, these pages can be a springboard into helping your child learn to cope with bullies and to approach his or her teachers and school administrators to begin the process of changing the school culture into one of kindness and respect.

The sections are broken out separately with individual pages you can download one at a time.

Or you can download the entire coloring book here.

And why is a site about drawing, painting, and art classes for kids hosting an entire section about bullying?  Because a part of our mission is to inspire kids to become better people through art, and we think that (free!) resources like anti-bullying coloring pages are a pretty cool way to do that.

Part 1: Treat Everyone with Respect

Anti-Bullying Coloring Page Section 1 Link: Treat Everyone With RespectIn Section I your children will learn that differences aren’t wrong, but rather, something to be celebrated. They will also learn how to cope with big emotions in ways that are safe, healthy and respectful.

Part 2: What to do If You’re Bullied

Anti-Bullying Coloring Page Section 2 Link: What To Do If You're BulliedSection II is a tool kit that helps children learn what to do if they are being bullied. Through role playing and developing a safety plan, children are given the power to stand up for themselves and to get help.respectful.

Part 3: Stand Up for Others

In Section III children learn to not be bystanders and to get help for others. Students are introduced to the difference between tattling and telling and are given real ways to be a friend to others and to say something when they see bullying happen.

Part 4: Get Involved

Finally, in Section IV children are taught to be leaders at school and in their community. When children get involved in stopping bullying, they take ownership of their school and community, striving to make it a safe place for all.

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