About Us

About Us

Hi. We’re Andrew & Selena

Andrew and Selena, Its Ingenious Founders
Andrew and Selena Martin. A father/daughter team.

And for Us, This Site Is All About Family.

Have you ever enjoyed your kid so much that you couldn’t wait to hear their next great idea? Or liked your dad so much you wanted to start a business with him? That’s our story. We’re a totally grown-up father/daughter team who come up with ideas together and then make them real.

These days we focus on products for children – fun, educational, well-designed products that are fresh, different, and a total blast. We also work hard to develop solutions for parents because parenting can be kind of hard these days. We chose the name “It’s Ingenious!” because we wanted our products to provide the sort of aha experiences for kids, and the sort of “problem-solved” solutions for parents that truly ingenious solutions can provide. 

The Website: Learning Resources That Make Kid’s Lives Better.

We think that learning  is the surest way to equip children for success. But we think that it does even more than that. We think that it deepens who they are as people.  And we want to help with that.  It’s Ingenious.com is designed to be a resource that parents can use to make their kid’s lives better. You’ll find lots of creative tools here, either that your kids can use directly or that help you as a parent. A lot of what we have here is meant for parents and kids to use together. We hope the site is useful to you.

” We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves. ”
Galileo Galilei

Here’s What We Value

Learning in art class


We think that learning is the first priority of childhood and commit to education as an ideal. We want your children to either learn from our products or become better learners because of them.


We value your child’s creativity and want them to develop it. We think that imagination tends to be under-rated and want to see more of it, so emphasize that in our products. We put an emphasis on the arts because art cultivates imagination in children.

Creative Kids


We think that children should be treated with respect by the companies that create products for them. For us, that means not viewing children as an opportunity for profit, but as an opportunity to serve. We will only develop products that are in the best interest of your kids, and that value them as the important people that they are.

Andrew & Selena


Andrew Martin

A dad and marketing executive, Andrew found himself drawn to industries that served makers, creators, and children. He now develops products at It’s Ingenious.


Selena Martin

Selena is currently an undergraduate student, studying psychology. She also works with preschoolers.