Traffic lights are great fun for toddlers. They have big, pretty lights, they flash, and they’re changing all the time. But beyond all the giggles, understanding and recognizing them are important safety skills every toddler should know. Coloring is a great way for little ones to engage with and learn about traffic lights, especially if mom or dad are there to guide them.

Below you’ll find not just one traffic light coloring page but five, beginning with a very simple picture and ending with sheets that are a little more complex. Download and print one or all the pages, and plan to have some fun.

A Very Simple Traffic Light Coloring Page

Very Simple Traffic Light Coloring PageThis traffic light coloring sheet is about as simple as they get! And it may be the only one you need. But take a look below for more. You can download this page here.


A Simple Traffic Light With A Base

Simple Traffic Light with a Base For Coloring

Do traffic lights out in the wild have bases? None that we’ve seen, but toy ones sure do, and so does this one. Download it here

A Traffic Light With Lens Hoods

Simple Traffic Light to draw with lens border

This coloring page of a traffic light has is slightly more complex. Download it here.

More Complex Traffic Light

More complex traffic light drawing page 1

This traffic light coloring page is a bit more elaborate. You and your little one can talk about the shapes. Download it here.

 Complex City Traffic Light With Base

Complex Traffic Light Drawing Page with Base

Finally, this traffic light may be a little closer to what your child will find in a city. And besides the “stop, wait, go!” there’s also the “look to the left!” “look to the right!” Download this traffic light sheet here

For more traffic light activities for toddlers or preschoolers, check out Brighthub Education’s short but informative article here. It definitely gets the green light!


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