As any arts-loving child will tell you, when you’re planning birthday party themes… painting parties are the best! While many kids party themes are only fun for certain age groups or genders, painting parties can be a blast for everybody – and that means grownups, too!

There are abundant ways to throw painting birthday parties at home. Instead, let’s look at painting birthday party places and how to choose one for a party your child will never forget.

Check Out The Location

With paint parties, the right location can mean the difference between a fun and relaxing party and one that leaves kids grumbling.

Kids Art Party Places Tip: Make sure there’s abundant parking

The first thing you’re bound to notice when you visit an art party studio is the attractiveness, orderliness, and lighting of the space. And while those are important of course, you’ll want to make sure there’s also plenty of room – enough for your entire guest list, plus extra for messy and creative play.

Make sure there’s abundant parking too.  You won’t want any guests missing part of the party because they had to circle for a spot.

And well before you book the space, ask about the minimum and maximum number of guests allowed, as well as the age range that’s most appropriate for the party.

Choose Party Themes

Part of the fun of a painting party is getting to choose a fun art theme. Some studios have one or two options, such as canvas or pottery painting. Others have several options to choose from, or you can choose a party where guests can explore a variety of techniques. Be sure to let the facility know exactly what you’re hoping for – do you want a structured lesson where everyone learns to paint a similar design or make the same craft, or would you prefer several options be available so your guests can choose their own activities.

Ask What’s Included

You’ll want to ask each facility what they include in the cost of the party. Some art birthday party places charge for the supplies and lesson, while others include invitations, food, additional activities and even decorations.

Kids Art Party Places Tip: Of course, you should also ask about the all-important goodie bag.

Of course, you should also ask about the all-important goodie bag. Some venues supply their own thank you gifts for party guests, while others ask that you bring treat bags in. Remember that in addition to the bags, kids will also – hopefully – be bringing their own handmade masterpieces home.

Evaluate Party Staff And Teachers

As with art classes for kids and art camps for kids that we talk about elsewhere, having the right teacher at your party can make the difference between an experience to remember and one you would sooner forget.

Speak with staff and teachers. And when you do, look for people who clearly love working with children. Also if possible, look for people who are enthusiastic and passionate about art. Sure, it’s just a party. But you also want your child and guests to feel inspired to create long after the party ends.

Look for a good staff to guest ratio, too. The last thing you’ll want is an overwhelmed teacher in charge of 30 rambunctious children all in need of help. Along the same lines, if your guest list is large or the art projects complex, ask about staffing the party with more people. There will be an extra cost, but it may be easily worth it.

Nail Down The Party Schedule

Art Party Places Tip: Don't Neglect The Schedule

A bit of strong advice – don’t neglect the schedule. If time in the studio is too short or too many activities have been planned, the party will feel rushed. Too few activities on the other hand, or the party is too drawn out, and you’re likely to hear the dreaded words, “I’m boooored.”

A good schedule for a kids’ painting party should include ample time in the studio, time to interact with the artist/staff, and time for a meal, cake and ice cream, opening gifts and fun activities to get your guests up and moving.

A great painting birthday party is one with good food, great friends and plenty of opportunities to get messy and be creative…and maybe even be inspired by the artist teaching the lesson. With careful planning and the right art studio, your child’s paint party will be one that they, and you, will always remember!

Checklist for Choosing the Best Painting Party Places for Kids

✓   Will you use an independent children’s party studio, or are venues like Michaels or Joanne more your style?
✓   Where can the party be hosted (only in the studio itself, or elsewhere, such as in a park)?
✓   If the party is at a studio, is ample parking available?
✓   Are parents encouraged to drop off their children or stay at the party?
✓   Is the cost per child or per paint party?
✓   What is the total expected cost?
✓   What is included in the cost (invitations, art materials, goodie bags, food, etc.)?
✓   What paint party themes are available?
✓   What projects will the guests work on? What will they take home?
✓   What do I need to provide (aprons, food, etc.)?
✓   What are the minimum and maximum number of guests?
✓   What age range can be accommodated?
✓   What is a typical party schedule?
✓   What are the qualifications of the instructor?
✓   Does the instructor enjoy and know how to work with children?
✓   Is the instructor engaging, encouraging and patient?
✓   Can the special needs/disabilities of my guests be accommodated?
✓   How many staff or instructors are provided?

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